The Doctor Falls






Place of Origin:

Mondas/Level 507
Mondasian Colony Ship

First Seen In:

The Doctor Falls

Latest Appearance:

The Doctor Falls

Main Actor:

Samantha Spiro


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Hazran is mother to everyone on Floor 507. The entire human colony living on the Solar Farm on this level looks to her for strength and support. And they need it more than ever when the Cybermen invade…

Hazran is an organiser and a leader. She is determined to keep the children of the colony safe above all else, never more so than when the ‘patients’ begin to infiltrate their level with the aim of cyber conversion. Initially, Hazran and the other colonists are able to keep the patients at bay, but as time moves more quickly on the levels below them, so the patients are able to evolve more rapidly into increasingly sophisticated Cybermen. The arrival of the Doctor, Bill and Nardole alerts Hazran and the others to the extent of the threat to their way of life and soon Hazran is doing her bit to prepare for the defence and later evacuation of the solar farm.

During this time, Hazran develops a sometimes difficult, but increasingly close relationship with Nardole. Hazran is fascinated by his complicated life and moved by his missing childhood memories. Despite their clear differences, the pair forge a bond and it is obvious to everyone (except perhaps, Nardole) that Hazran has begun to develop romantic feelings for him. When Nardole is forced to leave The Doctor and Bill to fight the Cybermen alone, he agrees to go at least in part to help protect Hazran. As Nardole evacuates the colonists, he considers the possibility of settling down to a new life with a woman who loves him.

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