Demons of the Punjab




Demons of the Punjab


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Hasna was the mother of Umbreen. She was also the grandmother of Najia Khan and the grat-grandmother of both Yaz Khan and Sonya Khan.
She lived in the Punjab with her daughter in 1947. She was uneasy about her Muslim daughter marrying the Hindu Prem and took various events as bad omens.

On the night before her daughter’s wedding, she painted henna art onto the hands of her daughter, the Thirteenth Doctor, and her future great-granddaughter Yasmin Khan. Umbreen believed the designs were poor, but Hasna was uneasy from preparing a dead body that morning. When armed men mobilised by their house, Hasna and Umbreen fled to Lahore.

Hasna would go on to have a granddaughter, Najia, and two great-granddaughters, Yasmin and Sonya.

Hasna often expressed dislike for her son-in-law Prem’s family, declaring they were bad luc. (Demons of the Punjab)

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