Harvest of Time

Harvest of Time
Harvest of Time


After billions of years of imprisonment, the vicious Sild have broken out of confinement. From a ruined world at the end of time, they make preparations to conquer the past, with the ultimate goal of rewriting history. But to achieve their aims they will need to enslave an intellect greater than their own…

On Earth, UNIT is called in to investigate a mysterious incident on a North Sea drilling platform. The Doctor believes something is afoot, and no sooner has the investigation begun when something even stranger takes hold: The Brigadier is starting to forget about UNIT’s highest-profile prisoner. And he is not alone in his amnesia.

As the Sild invasion begins, The Doctor faces a terrible dilemma. To save the universe, he must save his arch-nemesis… The Master


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  • Harvest of Time was the second original Doctor Who novel not to feature the incumbent Doctor since the series revival in 2005.
  • All incarnations of The Master – excluding his current body – are unconscious prisoners of the Sild, who plan to use his mind to travel through time, slowly erasing him from history.
  • One of the Masters incarnations is female.
  • The Doctor mentions The Master’s previous alliances with the Nestene Consciousness and the Axons. (Terror of the Autons, The Claws of Axos)
  • One of the Master’s future incarnations is said to look like a “politician.” (The Sound of Drums)

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