The Hartnell Years

The Hartnell Years
The Hartnell Years


“We are not of this race. We are not of this Earth. We are wanderers in the fourth dimension of space and time.”

On the 23rd November 1963 Gallifrey’s most famous time traveller, The Doctor, began his wanderings in his first incarnation – William Hartnell – the anti-hero with a heart of gold. So began the Hartnell years – 1963-1966.

28 years later, The Doctor’s seventh incarnation, Sylvester McCoy, takes us back through time, through previously untransmitted or rare episodes.

as well as featuring clips from An Unearthly Child and the Arabic dub of The Edge of Destruction


The arrangement of the Doctor Who theme used for this and succeeding Years releases was originally arranged by Keff McCulloch for the 1989 album Doctor Who: Variations on a theme.

The video was classified”G” in Australia. It was released in 1991 in America (CBS/FOX Video) and on 06/05/1992 in Australia (Polygram)

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