Harriet Arbinger



Harriet Arbinger

Affiliated With:

Pantheon of Discord


The Legend of Ruby Sunday

Other Appearances:

Empire of Death

Main Actor:

Genesis Lynea


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A woman by the name of Harriet Arbinger worked at UNIT HQ in London in 2024. She initially acted normally but, as Sutekh was beginning to manifest, she began a monologue about him, prompting Kate Stewart to claim that she was possessed. After listing several Gods from the Pantheon, Harriet described Sutekh as “the mother and father and other” of all of them as well as the “God of all Gods”. As she gave her monologue, a tear fell from Harriet’s eye. Shortly after Sutekh’s arrival, both Harriet and Susan Triad mutated into a different form that presented a bone-like structure around their eyes which were now coloured red. (The Legend of Ruby Sunday)

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