The Happiness Patrol

The Happiness Patrol VHS
The Happiness Patrol 


“Have a nice death!”

The Doctor has heard stories of strange and sinister goings-on on the Earth colony of Terra Alpha. Citizens have disappeared without trace, and strange creatures lurk in the pipes and sewers under the capital city. Believing it is high time someone got to the bottom of the mystery, The Doctor declares to his young companion Ace that tonight will be the night…

He discovers that Terra Alpha is ruled by the tyrannical Helen A, a dictator who requires her subjects to be happy… or die. Her roving death squads – the Happiness Patrol – are empowered to kill on sight anyone displaying signs of sadness, gloom or melancholy.

However, it is not just the sadistic Happiness Patrol that The Doctor and Ace must contend with. Before they can discover the dark secret of Helen A’s regime, they must face the fearsome bloodlust of her savage pet, Fifi, and the lethal surprises cooked up by her chief executioner – and confecteditioner supreme – the Kandy Man.

Originally transmitted 2nd – 16th November 1988, this clever and satirical three-part adventure formed part of Doctor Who’s 25th Anniversary season.

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