Hannah Fry



Hannah Fry

Main Aliases:

Billy Lovemore

Place of Origin:




Main Voice Actor:

Julia Dalkin

Other Voice Actors:

Jez Fielder


Hannah Fry was the name assumed by a native of Daodalus when she went to Earth to track down Carthok, who was responsible for killing, among others, her parents. She was employed as Dr Samuel Holywell’s maid, but finding Earth of 1702 to be extremely sexist, she adopted a second identity as highwayman Major Billy Lovemore, as a man could go places a woman could not.

With the Fifth Doctor’s help, she learned that Carthok was posing as Sir Nikolas Valentine, and confronted him in his home. Carthok disarmed her and began to drain her life energy, as he only needed one more life to complete repairs to his ship and found it maliciously appropriate that she be the one. When Carthok accidentally marked himself with one of his own homing beacons, Hannah urged the collective unconsciousness of his previous victims to kill him, though the effort cost her life. (Phantasmagoria)

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