Half Face Man

Deep Breath


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The Half-Face Man was a Clockwork Droid relegated to the SS Marie Antoinette at some point in the 51st century with the mission of finding a legendary domain of heavenat a certain point, the ship smashed on Earth in ancient occasions and stayed stuck on the planet for many years. For ages thereafter, inadequate with regards to the correct innovation to keep itself unblemished, it stole new parts from the earth around it, some of which were taken commandingly from living animals.

In the long run, it had included such a huge blend of organic parts into itself with its machine segments that its appearance was half-man, half-machine. Thus, it picked up remnants of feeling and identity, giving it a chance to perceive that it was submitting murder and progressing in the direction of satisfying a vacant objective.


The Half-Face Man was initially the control hub on board the time-traveling ship, SS Marie Antoinette, sister ship of the SS Madame de Pompadourat a certain point, the ship slammed on Earth in the planet’s removed past. With the ship harmed, the perfect timing droids on board the ship stayed stuck on the planet for many years, supplanting their parts utilising both natural and mechanical parts. They did this on numerous occasions as they got more seasoned, until there was practically nothing left of their unique selves by any stretch of the imagination. (Full Breath)


By Victorian occasions, the Half-Face Man had started gathering organs from people in the city of London. This incorporated the eyes from a man named Alf and the hands from two separate people. The droids burned theirobjectives to disguise what had been taken from them, guaranteeing their quality in London was imperceptible. The Half-Face Man at one point additionally obtained Mancini’s Family Restaurant and transformed it into an organ-gathering processing plant, whereby visitors unfortunate enough to enter it would be brought down beneath into the droids’ smashed spaceship and theirorgans used to fix the ship.

At the point when a dinosaur bafflingly showed up in the Thames, the Half-Face Man separated tissue from its optic nerve to use as a feature of his ship. He at that point burned the animal to leave no hint of his quality. This did, be that as it may, alert The Doctor, recently recovered into his twelfth manifestation, to their accursed exercises all through London.

The Doctor and his sidekick, Clara, were directed to the eatery by a strange coded message left in a paper. They were then brought down to the spaceship and confronted by the Half-Face Man, who uncovered to them that his sole goal was to come to the “Guaranteed Land “. While Clara and the Paternoster Gang battled the perfect timing droids, the Half-Face Man got away to the ship’s break container, a sight-seeing balloon made of human skin. There, The Doctor figured out how to persuade the droid that the Promised Land did not exist, thus the robot either fell – or was pushed – to his demise over Big Ben. His demise deactivated the remainderof the perfect timing droids, sparing The Doctor’s mates. (Deep Breath)


The Half-Face Man’s psyche was transferred to the Nethersphere. (Dark Water) He ended up in a type of greenhouse, where Missy disclosed to him that he had come to the “Guaranteed Land ” – he was presently in Heaven, finally. (Deep Breath)


As one of the general populationshe had met amid her movements with The Doctor, the Half-Face Man was incorporated into a progression of notes composed by Clara when she was intending to admit to Danny Pink by means of telephone call about her undertakings with The Doctor. (Dark Water)


The Half-Face Man was outfitted with a blowtorch covered up underneath one of his human hands. He utilised this both as a torment gadget and to look compromising just as, apparently, to burn his unfortunate casualties in order to stay unfamiliar. While he was colossally shrewd in certain limits, his writing computer programs was likewise fairly restricted in different regards, and was, similar to his kindred accuracy droids, tricked into deduction a natural was a droid like him as long as they were not relaxing. (Deep Breath)

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