The Time Warrior




Place of Origin:

The Time Warrior

Main Actor:
Jeremy Bulloch
Hal was a servant of Sir Edward of Wessex and his wife, Lady Eleanor.

In the 13th century, (The Sontaran Experiment) Hal was ordered by Eleanor to kill Irongron. Sarah Jane Smith drew his aim off, causing him to miss, and Irongron’s men captured him. He was nearly executed by Bloodaxe, but Irongron instead offered his freedom if he fought and beat the Robot Knight devised by the Sontaran Linx. Hal got away when the Third Doctor shot the robot’s controls out of Irongron’s hands with a crossbow and escaped with Sarah to Wessex Castle. He helped capture The Doctor, who Sarah believed was working with Irongron to kidnap scientists from the 20th century, but The Doctor explained that it was Linx who was responsible. When Sarah spiked Irongron’s food to make his men fall asleep, Hal took their weapons. He killed Linx by shooting an arrow into his probic vent so Linx could not escape. After the destruction of Irongron’s castle, The Doctor told Hal to tell Sir Edward that Irongron and his “sorcerer” were destroyed. (The Time Warrior)

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