The Sun Makers






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The Sun Makers

Main Actor:

Richard Leech


Hade was a gatherer who worked for the Company in Megropolis One on Pluto.

Hade was keen to obey the Collector and applied all of his taxation policies without pity. He was aided by Marn, who worked for him.

When The Doctor’s TARDIS landed on Pluto, Hade was overjoyed, as it broke several rules that would result in large fines. However, he was unable to find the occupant.

The Fourth Doctor was captured and Hade took him to be an Ajack conspiring against the Company. He decided to set him free to learn who his associates were. He gave him a thousand talmars, the money The Doctor was originally trying to get. Watching on a tracking screen, Hade and Marn lost track of the Doctorwhen he entered the undercity.

To combat the outlaws massing in the undercity, Hade visited the Collector and convinced him to part with half of his Inner Retinue guard. He devised a plan called Morton’s fork with which he intended to force the outlaws into the open where they could be picked off.

Hade was summoned by the Collector, who told him that his theory was wrong and the Doctor was simply a traveller. The Collector decided to offer a bounty of five thousand talmars for information leading to The Doctor’s death or capture – to be paid for by Hade.

Unwilling to lose the money, Hade and Marn headed out to find The Doctor when he showed up on the scanner. However, at his supposed location, they found him absent and put it down as a technical fault. Hade was required to oversee Leela’s steaming. However, problems arose and Hade had to report that rebellion was breaking out across Megropolis One.

After the Collector denied him the opportunity for promotion, Hade attempted to personally quell the rebels by berating a group he found lounging on the rooftops, an out of bounds area. However, they simply picked him up and threw him over the edge. The thousand metre fall killed him. (The Sun Makers)

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