Lois Habiba

Children of Earth Day One
Lois Habiba



Lois Habiba



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First Seen In:

Children of Earth Day One

Other Appearances:

Children of Earth Day Two
Children of Earth Day Three
Children of Earth Day Four
Children of Earth Day Five

Main Actor:

Cush Jumbo


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Lois Habiba was a junior PA to Bridget Spears.


She started work at the Home office, in John Frobisher’s office, on the day the 456 made contact. She discovered that there were events which involved Torchwood that made her question her loyalties. (Children of Earth Day One) Lois then decided to help Torchwood in their plight and after receiving a phone call from Gwen Cooper (who was then a fugitive), deciding to meet up with her. She devised a plan for Gwen and Rhys to access the prison facility where Jack was being held and was pleased when offered her a job in the long run. (Children of Earth Day Two)

The next day, Gwen contacted Lois again and requested that she use special contact lenses that doubled as cameras to infiltrate Floor 13 where the 456 were to be arriving. Lois refused at first, but on entering the Home office and realising how dangerous things were becoming, she opted to use the lenses. She told Bridget Spears that Mr Frobisher had requested she join them on Floor 13 to gain access. There she witnessed negotiations between Earth and the 456. She wrote down what the aliens were saying on a notebook in shorthand so Torchwood could cover the whole meeting. She was present when the 456 demanded 10 percent of the Earth’s children. (Children of Earth Day Three)

At a Cabinet meeting, working on Gwen’s orders, she confronted the Cabinet by announcing that she represented Torchwood who had recordings of everything. Shortly afterwards, the government locked Lois in a jail cell adjacent to Captain Jack Harkness‘ for the crime of espionage. (Children of Earth Day Four)

Many times she tried to contact Captain Jack in his cell, but he refused to answer, apparently ashamed of what he had caused already.

Bridget Spears later visited Lois in prison while Frobisher proceeded to kill himself and his family. In the ensuing discussion, Spears tried to convince Lois to remember him as a good man. Lois then gave Spears information regarding use of the Torchwood contact lenses, and Spears continued the work that Lois started, disgusted at Green for using Frobisher as a scapegoat. Once Denise Riley threatened Green with making the recordings public, she assured that Lois would be released. (Children of Earth Day Five>)


  • Lois was created by Russell T Davies to replace the character of Martha Jones, who had been planned to star in series 3. When actress Freema Agyeman turned the job down in order to star in Law & Order UK, Davies made Lois “a kind of a Martha figure. “Bearing in mind the Martha connection, ethnicity and role of personal assistant, Lois also has much in common with Martha’s sister Tish Jones.
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