The Gunfighters Novel Reading

The Gunfighters
The Gunfighters


Shane Rimmer reads this colourful novelisation of a classic Doctor Who adventure
Back in the gun-totin’, hard-hittin’, fast-shootin’ days of the Old Wild West, when outlaws ruled the land and the good guys stayed off the streets, a troupe of travelling players – Miss Dodo Dupont, Steven Regret and the mysterious Doctor Caligari – moseyed into the town of Tombstone one October afternoon.

Their method of transport was a mite peculiar though. After all, a police box materialising out of thin air sure ain’t the usual way to enter a sedate town like Tombstone…

And when The Doctor and his pardners meet up with Wyatt Earp and the notorious Clanton brothers, they soon find out that the scene is all set for high noon at the O. K. Corral…

Shane Rimmer, who played Seth Harper in the original BBC serial, reads Donald Cotton’s complete and unabridged novelisation, first published by Target Books in 1985.

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