The Grand Serpent

The Vanquishers



The Grand Serpent

Main Aliases:


Affiliated With:

Grand Serpent’s space fleet

First Seen In:

Once, Upon Time


Survivors of the Flux
The Vanquishers

Main Actor:

Craig Parkinson


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His Supremacy the Grand Serpent was a political figure on Inston-Vee Vinder’s home planet. True to his name, he had the ability to project serpent-like creatures out of his body before reabsorbing them.

The Grand Serpent met the Alforia to discuss terms. Once the official meeting was concluded, he ordered Vinder to cease recording and then demanded the Alforia handover five dissidents being sheltered in their territory to face trial, and for another four, all relatives of his critic Frey Sampor, to suffer a fatal accident. Inston-Vee Vinder reported the incident, resulting in him being reassigned to Observation Outpost Rose. (Once, Upon Time)

He positioned himself on Earth in 1958 in order to assist the founding of a new organisation known as UNIT. In 1967, after being identified as an alien by General Farquhar, he began a streak of assassinating those who stood in his way. In 2017 he encountered Kate Stewart, informing her that UNIT funding was being cut. When she retaliated by threatening to expose his history with the organisation, he attempted to kill her by leaving a bomb in her house. Later, he ordered UNIT to prepare missile strikes against various Earth cities before informing the Sontarans, with whom he had struck a deal, that everything was ready for their invasion of Earth. (Survivors of the Flux)

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