The Good, The Bad and the Alien

The Good, The Bad and the Alien

The Good, The Bad and th Alien


Standalone re-release of the 11th Doctor novel for younger readers that was originally published in 2011 as a “2-in-1” novel along with System Wipe by Oli Smith.


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The title of the novel is a reference to the Western film, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
Amy remembers the cartoon Deputy Dawg.
Upon realising that the Cemar resemble meerkats, Rory says to Amy “Simples”. A reference to Aleksandr the Meerkat, a character in’s advertising campaign.
This novel was released in the 2 in 1 book range along with System Wipe by Oli Smith.
This is the first novel of the 2 in 1 Books to have Rory on the front cover. All the other 2 in 1 Book covers before this one have featured images only of the Eleventh Doctor and Amy, although Rory does appear in those novels as a main companion.
This story was also released as an ebook (together with System Wipe) available from the Amazon Kindle store.
The Doctor thinks about wearing a fez. (The Big Bang)
Not for the first time in a 2 in 1 novel, the Mary Celeste is referenced. (The Chase)
There is a pub named the Second Chance Saloon, which is a reference to the Last Chance Saloon. (The Gunfighters)
This is not the first novel in a 2 in 1 Book to feature a runaway train. A runaway train also plays a part in Death Riders

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