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Ghost Light
Ghostlight DVD


Number of DVDs 1
DVD Number BBCDVD1352
Certification PG
Duration 72 minutes


All organic life will be destroyed in the firestorm and when this world is destroyed there will be no more change, no more evolution and no more life…

Earth 1883. At the heart of a Victorian house by the name of Gabriel Chase, lies an alien ship. For millions of years its owner has been asleep, unaware that part of the cargo has evolved into a malevolent creature. When the Doctor brings his assistant Ace to the house to face and overcome a terrible fear from her past, he finds himself catapulted into the secrets lying dormant there. Who or what is the alien presence Josiah? What has he done with the real inhabitants of the house? More importantly, of what is Josiah so frightened and can it help the Doctor? In order to combat Josiah’s evil presence, the Doctor arranges the release of a more powerful entity called Light – the true owner of the alien ship. However, as events unfold the Doctor discovers he may have awoken an even more dangerous adversary.

For Light means to destroy every living thing on Earth…

Originally transmitted 04/10/89 – 18/10/89

Episode entry

Special Features

  • Commentary by Sophie Aldred (Ace), Andrew Cartmel (Script Editor), Marc platt (Writer) and Mark Ayres (Musician)
  • Light in Dark Places–A look back at the making of Ghost Light with stars Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred, Michael Cochrane, Sharon Duce, Ian Hogg and Katharine Schlesinger, plus Mark Ayres and Andrew Cartmel
  • Deleted and Extended Scenes–A selection of exercised scenes sourced from VHS copies of the early edits
  • Shooting Ghosts–A unique look at the studio recording process
  • Writer’s Question Time–Author Marc Platt answers attendees’ questions at a 1990 Doctor Who convention
  • Music-only Option–Listen to Mark Ayres’ score for Ghost Light on an isolated audio track
  • Optional Dolby Digital 5.1 surround mix
  • Photo Gallery
  • Production Subtitles
  • Digitally remastered picture and sound quality

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