Genesis of the Daleks & Exploration Earth

Genesis of the Daleks & Exploration Earth
Genesis of the Daleks & Exploration Earth

Exploration Earth

Was recorded and broadcast in 1976, the third of four instalments in a BBC Schools Radio programme.

The TARDIS travels 4, 500 years into Earth’s past, and the Doctor and Sarah witness the very beginnings of the planet. As the ship takes them forward to different stages of the planet’s development, they encounter Megron, the Lord of Chaos. Earth is under his control, and he intends for chaos to reign ever more….

‘Genesis of the Daleks

Sees The Doctor sent on a mission to Skaro, where the crippled scientist Davros is engaged in the creation of protective casings for the ravaged Kaled race.

Only The Doctor knows what evil will be unleashed on the Universe unless he can halt Davros’s work – but foronce even he seems bound to fail…  Ian Marter also stars as Harry Sullivan, with Michael Wisher creating the role of Davros.

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  • This title marks the first release of ‘Exploration Earth: The Time Machine’ since its original broadcast.
  • Tom Baker provides narration for this specially-ed version of ‘Genesis of the Daleks’, which was first released on LP in 1980.

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