Gemma Corwyn



Gemma Corwyn



Place of Origin:



The Wheel in Space

Main Actor:

Anne Ridler


Dr Gemma Corwyn was second-in-command of Space Station W3 in 2079. Her husband had been killed in an asteroid belt in 2076.

She tried to convince Jarvis Bennett to not destroy the Silver Carrier. When the Second Doctor and Jamie McCrimmon arrived on the station, she examined them and reported to Bennett that Jamie was lying about their presence on the Silver Carrier. She later introduced Zoe Heriot to The Doctor and Jamie.

Corwyn believed The Doctor’s claims that the Cybermen could get aboard the station and tried to convince Bennett to take precautions, with no success. She confided in The Doctor her fear that Bennett couldn’t face the truth.

She managed to warn The Doctor that the Cybermen were going to poison the air supply before she was killed by a Cyberman when she tried to run away from it. (The Wheel in Space)

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