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First Seen In:

Black and White


Starlight Robbery
Stolen Goods

Main Voice Actor:

Stuart Milligan


Garundel was an Urodelian who crash-landed in Denmark in the fifth century. After meeting Beowulf and Weohstan, he became the inspiration for the monster Grendel in the epic of Beowulf. This was also when he first encountered the Seventh Doctor. (Black and White) They met again when The Doctor and his companions went to Garundel’s auction to steal the Persuasion machine and the preserved body of its creator Kurt Schalk. He used the machine to persuade the Sontarans and the other races at the auction to give up the weapons and their money. Arrogant and money-driven to the point of lunacy, he cold-bloodedly murdered Ziv for what Elizabeth Klein described as ‘wounding [his] pride’. He was tortured by Marshal Stenn and his hand removed to remove the lock on The Doctor’s TARDIS. He was working with The Daleks, so that they could capture the real Schalk. (Starlight Robbery)

Garundel began running a con where he would crash into other ships and make the other party take the blame for the “accident”. He crashed into Jenny’s ship, and worked the con where he led his marks to a spaceport where his partner Vesh Taralesh would lie and say the “Patsy.. er Innocent Victim” had totalled their ship and charge exorbitant rates to fix Garundel’s ship. Jenny was already on edge due to Garundel’s patronising and sexist comments and quickly saw through the con. Garundel decided to kill her but after she escaped he ran her biodata and discovered she was a Time Lord. He then attempted to capture her alive with the intent to sell her to the highest bidder. (Stolen Goods)

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