Time Lord

Affiliated With:


Place of Origin:


First Seen In:

The Inquiry



Main Voice Actor:

Trevor Littledale


The archivist was a Time Lord who looked after the Time Lord Data Extracts and had access to the Matrix. He helped Leela to find information on her husband Andred and the CIA agent Torvald when Andred had disappeared. (The Inquiry)

When Darkel wished Andred to find information about Pandora, he helped him to do so. He said he could remember as far back as Pandak the Eighth and had a few regenerations to go. He complained how different it was these days, Chapter codes, new technology. He spent so much time transferring data from one archival format to another. By this time he had only just finished transferring data to disk but the format was changed to strips. He said that strips were worse than magnetic tape which was the first format he dealt with. His family went back to the construction of his house, which wasn’t affiliated to any chapter so they were ideal material for archivist work. He read to Andred the information about Pandora. After retelling the story, Andred murdered him. (Lies)

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