Gallifrey Panacea

Gallifrey Panacea
Gallifrey Panacea

Regular Cast

Lalla Ward (Romana), Louise Jameson (Leela), John Leeson (K9), Mary Tamm (Pandora), Lynda Bellingham (Darkel), Sean Carlsen (Narvin), Steven Wickham (Valyes), Stephen Perring (Matthias), Hugo Myatt (Arkadian), Michael Cuckson (Hallan), Paul Grunert (Elbon), Dickon Tolson (Annos), Charlie Ross (Janartis), John Dorney (Henzil), Charles Pemberton (Gerber), Daniel Hogarth (Blastern), Richard Unwin (T~z), Ann Bird (Egopolis), Roger Parrott (Delox), Lisa Bowerman (Aesino), Dave Cromarty (Robersuun)


“How much for just the planet?”

Gallifrey is ruined. The great and good of heronce-mighty Capitol gather in disease-ridden shanty towns outside its walls. Her ‘friends’ in the Temporal Powers anticipate her total collapse, and the beginning of a new galactic order.

The Time Lords’ President has a drastic scheme to restore this world to its former glory but can a cure for all Gallifrey’s ills really be found in the hands of entrepreneur, adventurer and self-confessed swine Mephistopheles Arkadian?

And what of the Lady Romana? Exiled to her ancestral house of Heartshaven, she’s about to uncover the greatest threat that Gallifrey has ever faced, one that might yet cause the Time Lord race to become extinct…


  • Panacea was the fourteenth story in the Gallifrey audio series and the final story in the third season of that series.
  • Leela mentions the Time Lords having “thirteen lives”.
  • The Daleks are implied to be the real brains behind Free Time and the “big threat ” to Gallifrey.
  • Valyes suggest throwing all the Pandora’s weapons at the Sontarans or even at The Daleks
  • Braxiatel takes Narvin, Romana and Leela to the Axis using a Time Scoop.


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