Gabriela Camara



Gabriela Camara

Place of Origin:




Main Actor:

Joana Borja


Gabriela Camara was a vlogger in the early 2020s. Together with her best friend Jamila Velez she ran a travel vlog Two Girls Roaming. (Praxeus)

Gabriela visited a river in Peru in late 2010s or early 2020s. She considered it to be a paradise and the most beautiful river in the world.

Three years later, in the early 2020s, she visited this place with Jamila Velez. She was shocked to see that it was polluted. Gabriela and Jamila stayed for a night at a beach by the river. In the morning, Gabriela discovered the absence of her friend. While calling for Jamila, she was approached by Ryan Sinclair, who was investigating strange behaviour of birds. After Gabriela had received the information about an emergency call, they left the beach and moved to the hospital of San Pedro.

When they arrived at the hospital, they found that there were no staff. While searching for Jamila, Ryan and Gabriela entered the quarantine area. They found Jamila’s dead body there, infected with Praxeus. The Thirteenth Doctor arrived when Jamila’s body became overwhelmed by the infection and exploded. The Doctor, Ryan and Gabriela escaped San Pedro in the TARDIS and moved to Hong Kong.

Impressed by the TARDIS, Gabriela asked Ryan if it was an optical illusion. In Hong Kong she proposed her help to Yasmin Khan. Together they entered the warehouse and used the teleport device to follow one of the aliens. Gabriela and Yaz were transferred to the bottom of the Indian Ocean, where they found a missing US submarine. After The Doctor moved the TARDIS there, Gabriela helped with the repair of an alien spaceship, bypassing the manual bypass.

After the Praxeus was defeated, Gabriela joined Jake Willis and Adam Lang for their honeymoon. Graham O’Brien proposed a new name for the travel vlog – Three Idiots Roaming. (Praxeus)

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