Gabby Gonzalez



Gabby Gonzalez



Place of Origin



laundromat attendant

Affiliated With:

The Castillo Mexicano


paternal grandfather
paternal grandmother


Maria Gonzalez


Miguel Gonzalez


Blanca Gonzalez


Gino Gonzalez

First Seen In:

Revolutions of Terror


The Arts in Space
The Weeping Angels of Mons
The Fountains of Forever
Spiral Staircase
Sins of the Father
The Singer Not the Song
Medicine Man
Arena of Fear
The Wishing Well Witch
The Infinite Corridor
The Jazz Monster
Music Man
Old Girl
Breakfast at Tyranny’s
Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth
Revolving Doors
Vortex Butterflies
The Good Companion
The Ghost Ship
Nurse Who?
Laundro-Room of Doom
Lady of the Blue Box
The Promise
Catch a Falling Star
The Meeting
The Long Con
Supremacy of the Cybermen
The Lost Dimension


Gabriella Lucia Fernanda “Gabby” Gonzalez (The Good Companion) was a Mexican-American companion  of the Tenth Doctor. She travelled with him shortly after he lost Donna Noble and, like Martha Jones, was originally promised only one trip in the TARDIS.

Gabby unknowingly possessed supernatural abilities which tapped into her deep interest in art. Because of this, Gabby’s notebook would often contain real-time documentations of her adventures, even when she was not around it. Gabby was also able to summon butterfly-shaped apparitions which she would use for various purposes.


Gabby was childhood friends with Cindy Wu, a Canadian immigrant. When the pair were ten or eleven, they went to summer camp at Echo Lake. During one night, the pair were told a campfire story about a Rabid Raccoon which would stalk the camp grounds looking to attack anyone who got too close. Gabby and Cindy spent the night cowering inside their tent, shining a flashlight out into the dark. Eventually they fell asleep. The next morning they realised that the whole story was a hoax made-up by the counsellors. (Cindy, Cleo and the Magic Sketchbook)


Gabriella worked at her father’s businesses, a Mexican restaurant located at Sunset Park, New York City and a laundromat, while attending night school for accounting and getting straight A’s, but she really wanted to be an artist. She was at the laundromat with her best friend Cindy Wu when all of the washing machines shot water everywhere. On the subway home from class, she was attacked by a Cerebravore and met The Doctor. She used a mirror to reflect Cerebravore’s psychic energy, defeating it.

In the morning, she was working at the laundromat when The Doctor appeared again. He explained that the attacks were by Cerebravores who were not from Earth he was searching for their entry point to this world. Gabby helped him find and destroy the interdimensional bridge in the laundromat used by Cerebravores and then, during Day of the Dead celebrations in Green-Wood Cemetery, she helped him defeat the small party of Cerebravores already on Earth.

Realising that The Doctor could teach her more than any college, Gabby begged for The Doctor to take her with him. He initially refused, but agreed eventually, for just one trip. (Revolutions of Terror)

The Tenth Doctor took Gabby to the Pentaquoteque Gallery on Ouloumos, where she was left in awe by the entire experience. Wanting to visit Zhe Ikiyuyu, they went to her private retreat, where they were attacked by binary apprentice. Despite the apprentice trying to kill them, Gabby’s sincerity won her the trust of its female aspect, who gave her a connection to the quantum sphere. Using this connection, Gabby could use the residual block transfer energy, creating sometimes butterflies and sometimes levitating talking mouths. Gabby could not always control these abilities. Zhe believed that they would fade away leaving only heightened awareness and occasional flashes of abilities. After this trip The Doctor invited Gabby to stay on in the TARDIS. (The Arts in Space)

Gabby encountered the Weeping Angels in World War I. While there, she met Jamie Colquhoun, instantly becoming smitten with him. The TARDIS was temporarily taken by the Angels, who picked off the soldiers one by one to feed on their potential energy. Once the Angels were trapped underground, Gabby bid farewell to Jamie, knowing she could not be with him. (The Weeping Angels of Mons)

Asking to be taken home briefly to check on her family, Gabby had her cell phone upgraded to allow her to call the TARDIS and text the psychic paper. She attempted to call her friend Cindy Wu, who screamed and hung up. Gabby visited her home, finding everyone was beginning to scream, the entire city was sounding loud. Luckily, The Doctor gave her sonic earmuffs to block out the noise, it turns out sentient whales made of sound known as Echoes where being hunted by Shreekers, who planned on weaponising the Echoes abilities. With The Doctor incapacitated, Gabby used the sonic screwdriver to turn the Empire State Building into a transmitter to overload the Shreekers’ ship and force them to flee. (Echo)

while The Doctor went to investigate something benign, Gabby decided to go looking for Cindy again. She ran into Cindy, who demanded answers. Gabby showed her her journal and told her about her adventures with The Doctor. However, Gabby was disbelieved. Getting a bad feeling, she checked her phone, finding messages from The Doctor that said he was in terrible pain. Following the address, Gabby ended up in the home of Dorothy Bell, where The Doctor explained something terrible was going to happen due to Dorothy messing with a Quantum harvester. (The Fountains of Forever)


Gabby was a generally happy and cheerful individual as well as an aspiring artist. She wanted to attend college and was frustrated that her father wanted her to stay at home, but ultimately loved him and the rest of her family. (Revolutions of Terror)

Gabby was childhood friends with Cindy Wu, but was unaware that Cindy harbored romantic feelings towards her. Gabby would explain to Cindy that while she did indeed love her, she wanted Cindy to realise that she didn’t need their relationship to survive. (Old Girl)


Throughout various alternate covers of Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor, Gabby has been represented alongside David Tennant through various models. These models, however, have not been credited or identified, and one model is never used more than once. Fittingly, Gabby’s appearance in the comic has also been slightly inconsistent from artist-to-artist. Even Gabby’s skin colour has never been pinned down. While she is sometimes illustrated with a darker palette, on occasion her skin will be more pale than even Cindy’s.

Gabby is notable as being the first known companion of the Doctor to be of Hispanic descent, both in-narrative and in the real world.

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