Fury from the Deep

Fury from the Deep DVD
Fury from the Deep DVD


Number of DVDs: 3
DVD Number: BBCDVD4428
Certification: PG
Duration: TBA
Release Date: ‎14 Sept. 2020


Fury From The Deep is told across six episodes and stars Patrick Troughton as The Doctor, Frazer Hines as Jamie McCrimmon and Deborah Watling as Victoria, in her last televised adventure.

The storyline concerns a colony of sentient, parasitic seaweed, last seen in the eighteenth century, returning to attack a number of gas instillations in the North Sea in an attempt to take over humanity.

The three-disc release gives fans the opportunity to enjoy Fury From The Deep in high definition, either in full colouror in black & white. The release will include the surviving clips from the original 1968 production as well.


Audio commentaries
The Cruel Sea – Surviving Fury From The Deep
Original surviving footage
Behind The Scenes 8mm footage
Animating Fury From The Deep
Archive interviews with Peter Day and Victor Pemberton
Teaser Trailer
Photo Gallery
The Slide Audio Drama
PDF scripts


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