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Full Circle


The Doctor discovers the TARDIS has fallen into E-Space, an alternate universe, and landed on the planet Alzarius. The Doctor and Romana find its only inhabitants are living on a vast, crashed spaceship they have been repairing for generations to return to their home planet, Terradon. But Mistfall, a mythical time of terror, is coming again to Alzarius, and an eerie menace is rising out of the misty marshes. But why have huge poisonous spiders begun to appear in the Alzarian food supply? And what is the secret of the strange marshmen? The Doctor and Romana must solves these riddles and more if they are to have any chance of returning to their own universe.

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  • Full Circle is first story in E Space Trilogy and Adric’s first story
  • When the TARDIS is seen drifting through E-Space, the background stars appear in front of the TARDIS.
  • The Marshmen have cuffs.
  • As is often the case in the show, CSO backdrops are used to add depth to some of the corridors in the Starliner. Sometimes, however, the background is not superimposed, and only a blank screen is visible.
  • The technology of Gallifrey and Alzarius/Terradon is interchangeable. The Doctor uses the image translator from the starliner in the TARDIS.


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