Frontier Worlds

Frontier Worlds
Frontier Worlds

What strange attraction lures people to the planet Drebnar? When the TARDIS is dragged there, The Doctor determines to find out why.

He discovers that scientists from the mysterious Frontier Worlds Corporation have set up a base on the planet, and are trying to blur the distinction between people and plants. The TARDIS crew plan to prevent a biological catastrophe – but their plan goes wrong all too soon.

Compassion finds her undercover work so engrossing she risks losing her detachment. Fitz seems too distracted by the local population to keep his eye on Compassion. So when The Doctor gets trapped in a freezing wilderness, who can stop him falling victim to a lethal experiment in genetic modification?

For something else has been lured to Drebnar, something that Frontier Worlds Corporation will ruthlessly exploit without care for the consequences – an ancient organism which threatens to snuff out Drebnar’s solar system.


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  • Frontier Worlds was the twenty-ninth release in the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures series. It was written by Peter Anghelides. It featured The Doctor, Fitz Kreiner and Compassion. It featured insights into how The Doctors pockets work (he rips the lining out) and how the TARDIS translation system functions, the TARDIS does the best it can based on what the people it is translating for (and to) are thinking leading to some translation problems.
  • The Doctor uses the the alias of James Bowman.
  • The seemingly impossible capacity of the Doctor’s pockets is explained: he and his other regenerations habitually tear the stitches in their pockets so the entire lining of their coats can be used as a massive pocket. Apparently this can become an issue if, say, the sonic screwdriver is put in one of these pockets only to be lost along the back of the coat, out of reach.
  • The Doctor’s DNA has sixty-nine chromosomes divided into twenty-three homogenous triads.
  • Fitz uses the alias of Frank Sinatra
  • Fitz isn’t quite thirty years old yet.
  • Compassion uses the alias of Nancy Sinatra.

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