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Ice Warrior



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Empress of Mars

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Richard Ashton


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“The war… all that we fought for… is less than the dust now.”

Ice Warrior ‘Friday’ – so called because he reminded Colonel Godsacre and Captain Catchlove of Man Friday in Robinson Crusoe – was found injured and alone in a crashed spaceship on Earth in the 19th century.

Having been involved in a brutal civil war on Mars, the Empress Iraxxa ordered her hive into hibernation, waiting for a time that it was safe to emerge from the scars of war to rebuild their proud world. ‘Friday’ (also in stasis) was sent into space to orbit Mars as a lone sentry, guarding the hive from invasion. But a catastrophe befell ‘Friday’s’ ship and it plummeted to Earth, to be found by Godsacre in the middle of the South African veldt.

‘Friday’ needed help to repair his ship and get back to Mars, so he lured Colonel Godsacre and his men, with false promises of great riches on Mars. ‘Friday’ appears forlorn and devastated by the loss of his people and is subservient to the British soldiers. The Doctor cannot understand why ‘Friday’, as a proud Ice Warrior, doesn’t resist even the most menial of tasks.

Once on the ‘Red Planet’, the soldiers dug for rich mineral seams in the rock, even utilising Ice Warrior technology to help, unaware that the only thing they were ever going to find was the entrance to ‘Friday’s’ hive and his Queen…

Ultimately, ‘Friday’ proves his loyalty to peace, by helping The Doctor, Bill and Godsacre to escape imprisonment and help Iraxxa to agree to broker a truce with the humans and find a new home away from Mars, now a dead planet

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