Fourth Reich


Fourth Reich, led by De Flores and Adolf Hitler Junior


“Silver Nemesis”
“The Shadow in the Glass”


The reign of terror that was waged by the Nazis against the world on a large scale ended in 1945 with the death of Hitler, the destruction of the Third Reich, and Germany’s loss in the war – although The Doctor has at least twice dealt with attempts to alter history so that the Nazis won the war (“Timewyrm: Revelation”, “Colditz”), at least two secret divisions of the Third Reich managed to survive the war in secret – the evidence suggests that neither side was officially aware of the other, going on to pose a significant potential threat to humanity before The Doctor was able to halt their expansion before they could truly begin.

The first group of Fourth Reich Nazis The Doctor encountered – in chronological terms from Earth’s perspective – were led by a man called De Flores, stationed in South America while he trained his men to achieve Adolf Hitler’s goal of world domination (He was even briefly acquainted with the Seventh Doctor’s companion/enemy Elizabeth Klein during this time period, Klein helping him establish his headquarters while she re-qualified as a medical doctor). After decades of training and preparation, De Flores eventually mounted an official campaign in 1988, when he and his men attempted to recover the Nemesis statue – how he learned of the statue is unknown, a statue composed of the powerful and mysterious Validium metal, an ancient Time Lord weapon that The Doctor had launched into space in 1638 to stop anyone getting their hands on it, but was now due to return to Earth in a crash-landing (“Silver Nemesis”), De Flores having acquired a validium bow that was originally part of the statue that would allow him some degree of control over the statue.

However, De Flores’s efforts to acquire the statue after it had crash-landed back on Earth were hampered not only by the Seventh Doctor and Ace, but also the mysterious Lady Peinforte – who had created the Nemesis statue in the first place, possessing the validium arrow that went with De Flores’s bow, having travelled forward in time to regain control of its power with the implied aid of the Doctor’s old foe Fenric (“The Curse of Fenric”) – and the Cybermen (The exact circumstances under which the Cybermen became aware of Nemesis were never revealed). Although De Flores attempted to negotiate an alliance with the Cybermen after Lady Peinforte was discovered to possess gold-tipped poisoned arrows – thus rendering her and her servant able to destroy the Cybermen due to their vulnerability to gold, a weakness that the Nazis would not possess, the Cybermen betrayed him after he had tracked down the Nemesis statue, killing him and leaving his branch of the Fourth Reich decimated.

The second group, however, was far more dangerous than De Flores’s division, mainly due to the identity of their leader, the secret son of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, conceived shortly before his father’s suicide and his mother subsequently smuggled out of Berlin While a double was left to burn in her place and give the illusion that she had died. While Eva’s exact final fate is unknown – she was clearly dead by 2001, but her precise date of death is a mystery, her son, Adolf Hitler Junior – the exact physical double of his father, was raised in a secret Nazi base in Antarctica, dedicated to the memory of his father and vowing to bring the world under the rule of the Fourth Reich in the future. To this end, Hitler Junior, unlike his father, was raised to venerate the occult and genuinely believe in its use (As opposed to Hitler Senior, who, contrary to popular media portrayals such as in the Hellboy movie and the JSA comic series, had little belief or patience for the occult), regularly performing rituals around an object that he believed to be a scrying glass that allowed him to see the future, although in reality it was an ocular celluprime from a Vvormak ship that had been accidentally shot down in 1944 – the ship remaining in the village of Turelhampton While the crew collaborated with the officer in charge of the village to secretly repair the ship and salvage the celluprime, the celluprime allowing the pilot to see the future and navigate around upcoming obstacles accordingly.

Unaware of the true nature of the ‘scrying glass’, Hitler Junior conducted several ceremonies to witness the actions necessary to create the future that he sought, unaware that everything the glass showed him was intended to prompt him to take the celluprime back to the crashed ship in Turelhampton, with the rituals accomplishing nothing but turning the celluprime into a psychic ‘bomb’ as it absorbed all the negative thoughts and emotions that were channelled during the ‘séances’ Hitler Junior used to ‘control’ it, the potential explosion growing ever closer to critical mass. Fortunately, the truth was revealed when Brian Goldman, a journalist, managed to tape one of the rituals being performed at t he manor house of a reclusive million aire, recording footage of Hitler Junior, although he was forced to kill himself when the Nazis attempted to interrogate him for information about how he found them, he was able to mail the tape to Claire Aldwych, a reporter who had done a documentary on Hitler’s death a couple of years ago… and, more significantly, had recently come to UNIT’s attention after she broke into Turelhampton to do a documentary on the village.

With Claire having been introduced to The Brigadier and the Sixth Doctor after UNIT called them in to ask for advice, The Doctor and the Brigadier were able to deduce the truth of what had happened on the day of Hitler’s suicide after The Brigadier acquired Hitler and ‘Eva’s’ bodily fluids from the State Special Trophy Archive in Moscow – along with a partial transcript of an interview with Hans Baur, Hitler’s personal pilot, which made reference to a substitutedition and a double – while The Doctor travelled back to 1942 and acquired blood samples from Hitler and Eva – While also making a significantly positive impression on Hitler under his assumed identity of Major-General Johann Schmidt of the Fifth Medical Corps, the subsequent comparison of the samples in the TARDIS allowing The Doctor, The Brigadier and Claire to deduce that Hitler had died While Eva had been the one replaced.

Subsequently tracking the Nazi base to Antarctica based on Claire’s discoveries during a previous documentary about the Nazi interest in the continent before the war, The Doctor and his companions confronted Hitler Junior, The Doctor arrogantly dismissing Hitler Junior’s philosophy as barren and antiquated, stating that the reason he had remained in hiding to ‘plan’ for so long was that he knew there was no place for his ideas in the modern world While mocking his faith in the ‘scrying glass’. Outraged at The Doctor’s defiance, Hitler Junior took him and his companions to observe the next ritual… which showed The Doctor taking Hitler Junior back in time to meet his father, a prediction that was fulfilled when Hitler threatened to shoot Claire.

Although Claire was tragically killed by party secretary Martin Bormann to serve as the body double for Eva when she was separated from The Doctor and the Brigadier during their attempted escape, The Doctor’s previous contact with Hitler meant that Hitler was more inclined to believe the supposedly loyal Nazi Major General over an apparent madman with his face and name, the confrontation culminating with Hitler shooting his son in the head and the body being dumped in the nearby watertower (The presence of a double of Hitler in that location had been noted by the Brigadier and Claire during theirearlier research, a casual comment made by theBrigadier inspiring Hitler to use that solution to dispose of the body). Having returned to the present and the celluprime being returned to the Vvormak ship – The Doctor convincing them to depart Earth peacefully on the grounds that the original attack had been an accident and dispel the energy absorbed by the glass in the upper atmosphere where it could do no harm, UNIT was able to use information gathered from the Antarctic base to break up the rest of the Nazi sleeper cells, ending any official continuation of the Fourth Reich once and for all.

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