Forty Five

Forty Five
Forty Five

Regular Cast

Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), sophie Aldred (Ace), Philip Olivier (Hex)

False Gods: Benedict Cumberbatch (Howard Carter), Lucy Adams (Jane Templeton), Paul Lincoln (Robert Charles), Jon Glover (Creodont), Paul Lincoln (Robot)

Order of Simplicity: Jon Glover (Dr Verryman), Lucy Adams (Mrs Crisp), Benedict Cumberbatch (Thing 2), Paul Lincoln (Thing 1)

Casualties of War: Paul Reynolds (Joey Carlisle), Linda Marlowe (May), Beth Chalmers (Audrey), Beth Chalmers (Miss Merchant), Andrew Dickens (PC Miller)

The Word Lord: Linda Marlowe (Commander Claire Spencer), Paul Reynolds (Nobody No-One), Andrew Dickens (Captain James Hurst), Paul Lincoln (Private Fenton), Beth Chalmers (System)


“The future folds into the past. The homeless hero has fallen. Now begins the time of three tales: The Tale of the Herald, The Tale of the Hidden Woman and the Tale of the Final Speaker. When the last tale is told, all the lights shall fail. The world will end.”

21st century London: Nobody No One, the extra-dimensional Word Lord, is again running amok. Only this time, he’s unbeatable – and a terrible tragedy is about to unfold.



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  • Forty-Five was a Big Finish Productions anthological audio release in which the number”45″ somehow figured into each of the four stories.
  • This is the second story to celebrate Doctor Who’s 45th anniversary, the other being the comic story The Forgotten.
  • On the CD cover art and inside the booklet, the TARDIS interior shown is the one from the Paul McGann movie. This contradicts the audio Excelis Decays, in which the Seventh Doctor was depicted as reconfiguring the TARDIS into its TV movie form.

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