Fortunes of War

Fortunes of War
Fortunes of War


Colin Baker reads this original adventure featuring the Sixth Doctor, set in the First World War.

“You’ve seen what happens, Mark. You know what time can do if it’s damaged.”

Travelling alone foronce, the Sixth Doctor elects to return to Earth, and the First World War. There he must solve, once and for all, a mystery he unearthed inearlier incarnations. Someone has been interfering to alter the course of the war ― but to what end?

With Captain Mark Steadman and Nurse Annie Grantham, The Doctor travels to a forest in Germany, on a cold morning in November. At the heart of the forest is a massive temporal disturbance, and there he will rendezvous with whoever is behind significant changes to the accepted history of the Great War.

But the forces of Time bring other entities to the meeting place: terrifying, corporeal ghosts of soldiers from many centuries of battle. If The Doctor, Mark and Annie are to escape with their lives ― and return history to it proper course ― they will need help from unexpected quarters.

Colin Baker, the Sixth Doctor in the BBC TVseries, reads this dramatic and emotive new story by Justin Richards.


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  • The Doctor has a letter from Winston Churchill.
  • The Doctor, Steadman and Annie find the body of a soldier from the Napoleonic Wars.
  • Steadman walks through a Poppy field, past the body of a Roman legionaire.
  • The Doctor’s pocketwatch was bought for him by a friend from an antique shop in Brighton.
  • This story is told from the perspective of the Sixth Doctor.
  • The Doctor tells Annie that the last time he saw Jo Grant she was due to be married. (The Green Death)
  • The Doctor tells Steadman of his first time encountering the temporal disturbance in the War, when he was an old man with white hair. (Men of War)
  • The Doctor tells Steadman of Sara Kingdom’s death, and that her brother would have been proud. (The Daleks’ Master Plan)
  • The Doctor reminds himself that he promised never to be cruel or cowardly. (The Day of the Doctor)


    “One of the best, if not the best original Doctor Who audio story from BBC Audio and its predecessors – highly recommended.”

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