En Sentac

The Halloween Apocalypse



En Sentac


Time Lord

Place of Origin:


Affiliated With:

The Division


The Halloween Apocalypse

Main Actor:

Sarah Amankwah


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En Sentac was a veteran agent of the Division.

She was told about the imprisonment of Swarm at “the dawn of the universe”, although she did not witness it personally and believed it may not have happened quite as early as the florid phrase made it sound. Over “millennia”, it repeatedly fell to her to visit Swarm’s containment chamberon the “remnants of the Burnished Rage battleground”. During what would prove to be her last tour, she was paired with the much youngeroperative K-Toscs. Shortly after they’d arrived, Swarm took advantage of a shortage in the security facilities to use his powers to paralyse En Sentac and then drain her life force, causing En Sentac to disintegrate into ash and allowing Swarm to use the energy to regenerate. (The Halloween Apocalypse)

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