Village of the Angels

Main TV Actor:

Vincent Brimble


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Gerald was a resident of Medderton. Jean was his wife. By 1967, they had lived together for at least 47 years.

Since his great-niece Peggy lost her parents, she had been in Gerald and Jean’s care. Gerald was never nice to Peggy and failed to say a single pleasant thing to her.

On 21 November 1967, Peggy went missing and Gerald together with other residents of the village organized a search for her. He tried to call the police, using the phone of the Doctor’s TARDIS and accepted Yasmin Khan and Dan Lewis’ help. Later, he approached the boundary of the Medderton, accompanied by Jean and grumbling about Peggy. When he decided to return home, he saw a Weeping Angel. Considering it to be some sort of prank, Gerald tried to move it, but was sent back in time to 1901. After he reunited with his wife, who was also sent to 1901, they found Peggy, accompanied by Yaz and Dan, and another Weeping Angel. Ignoring any advice, Gerald and Jean went past the Angel, allowing it to grab Gerald’s coat. As the couple tried to liberate the coat, they turned to stone and disintegrated with screams. (Village of the Angels)

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