Florence Nightingale



Florence Nightingale




The Angel of Scutari

Main Voice Actor:

Jeany Spark


Florence Nightingale, also known as the Lady with the Lamp, was a famous nurse during the Crimean War.

The Fourth Doctor had an oil lamp which once belonged to Nightingale. (White Ghosts)

Florence was among the notable women of Earth’s history who were invited by Missy to join MADAM. (Girl Power!)

She arrived at the Scutari barracks on 18 November 1854, and famously helped clean the institution and heal all the sick within it, revolutionising medicine and the nurse trade. When Bartholomew Kitchen shot the Seventh Doctor’s companion Hex in the shoulder, she tried to help heal him. She regarded Hex, who had been working towards the same goal as her since 17 October, as an angel.

On the other hand, Hex regarded her as his heroine; her story inspired him to become a nurse a century and a half later. (The Angel of Scutari)

On Heron’s World, The Master referred to Nurse Molly O’Sullivan as “our Florence Nightingale”. (The Death of Hope)

When Vastra suggested that they might be visiting somebody “very famous” in late 19th century London, Jenny Flint incorrectly guessed it to be Florence Nightingale. (Inside Every Warrior)

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