Fisher King

Before The Flood



Fisher King


Before the Flood

Main Actor:

Neil Fingleton

Main Voice Actor:

Peter Serafinowicz

Other Voice Actor:

Corey Taylor


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The Fisher King was an alien warlord who conquered Tivoli in the 20th century and ruled the planet for ten years until the planet was liberated by the Arcateenians.

He apparently died and his body was transported to Earth in 1980 in a hearse by the Tivolian funeral director Albar Prentis. However, he was still alive and planned for his people to recover him by turning people into ghosts transmitting coordinates to Earth and then waiting inside a stasis chamber.

He first shot and killed Prentis, who would become a ghost. His next victim was Alice O’Donnell, after he found her hiding in an abandoned building. He was tricked by the Twelfth Doctor into thinking The Doctor would try to circumvent a future where he appeared to die and become one of the ghosts. The Doctor instead blew up a dam nearby and created a hologram replica of himself as a ghost in the future. The Fisher King was caught in the flood and killed. (Before the Flood)


  • The Fisher King was a figure in Arthurian legend, supposedly the last keeper of the Holy Grail. Having been wounded, the legendary king waits for someone who is able to heal him to arrive.[1] This is similar to The Doctor Who character who is waiting for someone from his people to come and save him.
  • The Fisher King was voiced by Peter Serafinowicz, whilst his roar was provided by Corey Taylor, who’s better known as the lead singer of the metal band Slipknot.
  • His blaster is available as a weapon in The Doctor Who Game Maker.
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