The First Doctor Box Set

The First Doctor Box Set

The First Doctor Box Set


The Sensorites

The TARDIS arrives in a lifeless spaceship. The Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan are shocked to find the bodies of the crew slumped over their stations. Yet the crewmembers are far from dead – they are under some sort of mental attack that keeps them prisoners in space.

The ship is trapped in orbit around the Sense-Sphere, home world of the alien Sensorites. The Doctor and his companions are warned to leave, but before they can do so, the TARDIS is sabotaged, and its lock is stolen.

Using telepathic powers, the Sensorites have managed to keep the human visitors from exploiting the mineral wealth of their world. Now the TARDIS crewmembers also find themselves subject to the Sensorites and their mental powers.

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The Time Meddler/strong>

The TARDIS seems emptier without Barbara and Ian – at least until The Doctor and Vicki discover that the astronaut Steven stowed away before they left Mechanus. Steven’s skepticism toward time travel pushes The Doctor to confront him with living proof. Shortly after landing on a beach in England, they discover a Viking helmet, but Steve remains unconvinced. Instructing Steve and Vicki to wait with the TARDIS, The Doctor seeks further proof.

Heedless of the Doctor’s warning, Steven persuades Vicki to explore the cliffs above the beach, where they find an abandoned wristwatch. Meanwhile, The Doctor investigates a ruined monastery, where he encounters an electric toaster, a gramophone playing ecclesiatic chants, and a monk who traps him in an alcove.

Eventually, The Doctor realises that the famous Battle of Hastings is only a few weeks away. That should provide ample proof for Steven, but who is this mysterious monk, and what is his interest in the events of 1066?

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The Gunfighters

The TARDIS arrives in Tombstone, Arizona in 1881. The Doctor, suffering from toothache, seeks out the local dentist – none other than the notorious Doc Holliday. Meanwhile, Steven and Dodo decide to explore the town, and soon find themselves the replacement act at the Last Chance Saloon.

Tensions are running high in the feud between the Clanton family and Doc Holliday, while the local lawman, Wyatt Earp, struggles to keep the peace. When legendary gunman Johnny Ringo comes to town, events escalate still further. Can The Doctor, Steven and Dodo do anything to diffuse the situation, or is a gunfight at the OK Corral a historical inevitability?

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