Fiona McAndrew



Fiona McAndrew



Place of Origin:





The Law Machines

Main Voice Actor:

Adjoa Andoh

Fiona McAndrew was the Mayorof London.

McAndrew won the election with overone million votes and served for a year. Her priority when she became mayor was law and order, leading her to accept Yvonne Hartman’s offer to build the Law Machines to police the city. She believed that the scheme would greatly boost her approval ratings. Yvonne believed that she was a career politician.

At the unveiling, the Law Machines went almost immediately out of control after activation despite Yvonne’s assurances. McAndrew ran away with Yvonne and Ianto Jones. She attempted to call the Prime Minister and the BBC but was unable to. They met with Tommy Pierce in the Docklands, whose flirtation she responded to. From him she learnt of WOTAN and the War Machines. The four took the train to Torchwood Tower and Fiona argued with Yvonne about the situation. At the tower, she was killed by a Law Machine. Yvonne passed McAndrew’s body off as her own for a time.

Yvonne suggested the construction of the Fiona McAndrew Memorial Bridge. (The Law Machines)

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