Figurine Magazine 219 Bellal

Figurine Magazine 219 Bellal

Bellal, the brave little alien that helped The Doctor not only end the power-draining tyranny of the City of the Exxillons, but also helped him defeat The Daleks, thereby also saving the entire galaxy from a deadly space plague in the 1974 adventure Death to the Daleks. Eking out a meagre living on the planet Exxilon, this friendly alien resisted the fall into superstition and barbarism to which so many of his people had succumbed.

The figurine have been meticulously crafted in specially formulated metallic resin and is painted by hand, Also included is a 16-page booklet which goes behind the scenes to reveal how Bellal was brought to life, thanks to sculptor John Friedlander and actor Arnold Yarrow.

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