Biological Type:


Place of Origin:

Alternate universe

First Seen In:

Cold Fusion


Twilight of the Gods
Cold Fusion


The Ferutu were a mysterious race from an alternate universe. They invoked runes and magic to modify time itself.

The Ferutu came from an alternate timeline in which Gallifrey was destroyed shortly after Omega’s mission to Qqaba by the return of the Machine, laden with fusion bombs. Without the Time Lords, the Ferutu took their place as the guardians of the Web of Time; unlike the Time Lords, who were content to observe and only interceded against major threats to the integrity of space-time, the Ferutu actively modified the universe to reflect their wishes. The Seventh Doctor briefly visited their universe, and declared it a utopia.

They entered The Doctor’s timeline at the point at which the Machine departed, a remote colony of the Earth Empire. When the Machine failed to destroy Gallifrey, their timeline collapsed, except for a small number of prisoners shielded from the effects of the paradox. (Cold Fusion)

A group of Ferutu invaded The Doctor’s timeline (or at least Bernice Summerfield’s timeline) again under the guise of the All-High Gods. (Twilight of the GodsGods)

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