The Curse Of Fenric DVD



The Curse of Fenric DVD


Number of DVDs 2
DVD Number BBCDVD1154
Certification PG
Duration 104 minutes


The Doctor and Ace are put to the ultimate test when the TARDIS dematerializes in Second World War England at a top – secret naval base. The army church, built on Viking graves, bears inscriptions calling for the wolves of Fenric to return for their treasure. Thereafter evil will reign. Even as the Doctor translates the words hideous corpses rise up from the sea, the evil Fenric now free to summon his wolves to a killing rampage. With a new slant on Dr Judson, and a more substantial confrontation between the Ancient Haemovore and the Doctor, this special extended production of The Curse of Fenric brings additional excitement to the story originally broadcast – good standing against evil with only the Doctor to play the final move

Originally transmitted 25/10/89 – 15/11/89

Episode entry

Special Features

Disc 1

  • Commentary by Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred and Nicholas Parsons.
  • Music only option. Photo gallery.
  • ‘Modelling The Dead’ – how to make a Haemovore mask.
  • Nebula 90 footage.
  • ‘Claws And Effects’ – production recce and visual effects tests. Clean title sequences 1987-1989 versio
  • Behind the scenes with the children’s show ‘Take Two’.

Disc 2

  • Version of the film with new footage, new CGI effects and remixed soundtrack.
  • ‘Shattering The Chains’ interview with author Ian Briggs. Costume design.
  • ‘Recutting The Runes’ behind the scenes of this DVD.
  • Regions 2/4.

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