The Curse of Fenric


The Curse of Fenric


Pages 188
ISBN 0-426-20348-8
Publication Date 15 December 1990


If this is a top secret naval camp, I’m Lord Nelson!

Ace has a poor opinion of the security arrangements at Commander Millington‘ North Yorkshire base – and she’ less than comfortable in 1940s fashions. But  The Doctor has graver matters on his mind.

Dr Judson, inventor of the Navy’ ULTIMA code-breaker, is using the machine to decipher the runic inscriptions in the crypt of the nearby church. Commander Millington is obsessed with his research into toxic bombs that he insists will hasten the end of World War Two.

A squad of the Red Army’s crack Special Missions brigade lands on the Yorkshire coast with instructions to steal the ULTIMA device – unaware that Millington has turned it into a devastating secret weapon.

And beneath the waters at Maidens Point an ancient evil stirs…

The Doctor uncovers mysteries concealed within villainous plots – but what connects them all to a thousand-year-old curse?



  • Prologue: Dusk
  • Chronicle I: Betrayal
  • Document I: The Wolf-time
  • Chronicle II: Dangerous Undercurrents
  • Document II: The Curse of the Flask
  • Chronicle III: Weapons within Weapons, Death within Death
  • Document III: A Victorian Storyteller
  • Chronicle IV: Vampire City!
  • Document IV: The First Contest of Fenric
  • Chronicle V: Wind and Water, Earth and Fire


  • The novelisation includes an epilogue that leaves Ace (now called Dorothee) in Paris. In the Virgin New Adventures novel Set Piece this sets out the events which lead up and into this eventuality.
  • The way Haemovores kill people is not fully described in the book. It cuts to the next scene just before the Haemoveres kill someone, but the victims bodies are described afterwards.
  • The Doctor recites the names of his past companions to overcome the HaemovoresSusan, Ian, Barbara, Vicki, Steven, Jo and Sarah Jane.

  • Nurse Crane is implied to be a soviet agent
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