Kenossium; The Female General

Hell Bent
Female General



Kenossium, The Female General


Time Lord

Place of Origin:




Affiliated With:

War Council
Obsidian Fleet

First Seen In:

Hell Bent


Lords and Masters
Twelve Angels Weeping
The Third Wise Man
The Day of the Doctor
The Clockwise War
Supremacy of the Cybermen

Main Actor:

T’Nia Miller


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The General quickly recovered after regenerating, returning to the form of a woman, in this case a black woman with a shaven head. She observed that she was “back to normal” and rhetorically asked how men continually dealt with “all that ego”. With assistance from Ohila, the General continued to pursue the The Doctor into the Cloisters. She exchanged words with Clara and seemed to respect the human’s opinion. Unfortunately for the General, The General’s had been buying enough time for the Twelfth Doctor to escape and steal another TARDIS, and the pair fled from Gallifrey. (Hell Bent)

As a woman, the The General showed distaste for the egos of men and was at least partly relieved to be a woman again. While trying to stop the Twelfth Doctor, she allowed Clara to say some final words to him before she was sent back to die, showing some compassion and listened stoically as Clara called the Time Lords monsters. However, she was shocked by the Twelfth Doctor’s escape with Clara’s help and somewhat panicked by it. (Hell Bent)


  • The General’s eleventh regeneration in Hell Bent marked the first time a gender swapped regeneration was shown on television. Michelle Gomez’s Missy was the first gender swapped Time Lord depicted on television, but her actual regeneration occurred off-screen.

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