Voyage to Venus

Main Voice Actor:

Catherine Harvey


Felina was captain of the guard of Amtor.

Felina was originally the loyal servant of Empress Vulpina. When the Sixth Doctor, Jago and Litefoot came to Venus, Felina captured them and brought them to Amtor. When it looked like Ursina, The Doctor and Litefoot were able to find out Vulpina’s secret, she had Felina execute them. Instead, The Doctor released a Venusian Sporebeetle, which attacked the guards. The Doctor, Litefoot and Ursina escaped and Vulpina took Jago, Felina and her royal guard to follow them.

They were followed them to the caves which held the preserved Cytherians and Vepaja. Vulpina planned to kill them all until Vepaja set up a force field to protect The Doctor and Ursina. Instead, Vulpina withdrew and set up a series of explosive to trap The Doctor and Ursina inside the cage. The explosive were set off, but Vepaja protected The Doctor and Ursina and considered it an act of war. While Vulpina was leaving, Vepaja attacked Amtor with a storm, causing it to crash, and then sent a herd of Shanghorn to kill the survivors. When Vulpina demanded the guards protect her instead of the city, Felina revolted and locked her in Amtor’s zoo. She also set Jago and Litefoot free. When The Doctor contacted them to remind them that the Shanghorns could be put to sleep with music, Felina also set up system to project the music Jago and Litefoot were singing and even joined in herself. (Voyage to Venus)

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