Felicity Lyme



Felicity Lyme



Place of Origin:


Affiliated With:

Lyme Industries

First Seen In:

Power Cell


The Battle of the Tower
Ice Station Alpha

Main Voice Actor:

Alice Krige


Felicity Lyme owned and worked at Lyme Industries.

She financed the university building where UNIT did their research, and took some of their artefacts. She was in league with Peter Latcham. (Power Cell)

Josh Carter was tasked to abduct her to get information about the artefact her company had. (The Battle of the Tower)

She was amazed at the results of the experiments to replicate the Kamishi power cell. She was then selling the power she created to the energy companies. The Kamishi arrived and destroyed her generator. She then had her mind wiped of her knowledge of Kamishi technology. (Ice Station Alpha)

During a Silurian attack, UNIT used Lyme Industries resources to artificially remove the Gulf Stream and freeze the country. Afterwards, Stewart met with Lyme to discuss fuel subsidies to keep the country operating. (united)

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