The Fearmonger

The Fearmonger

The Fearmonger

Regular Cast

Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Sophie Aldred (Ace), Jacqueline Pearce (Sherilyn Harper), Mark Wright (Stephen Keyser), Mark McDonnell (Walter Jacobs), Vince Henderson (Mick Thompson), Jonathan Clarkson (Paul Tanner), Hugh Walters (Roderick Allingham), Jack Galagher (Alexsandr Karadjic), John Ainsworth (Hospital Tannoy Voice), Alistair Lock (Hospital Doctor / Heckler)


One would-be assassin is in a mental ward. Another’s on the run. Their intended victim is stirring up the mobs. Terrorists are planning a strike of their own. A talk-radio host is loving every minute of it. A Whitehall insider whispers about a mysterious UN operative, with a hidden agenda. Everyone’s got someone they want to be afraid of. It’ll only take a little push for the situation to erupt – and something is doing the pushing. But you can trust The Doctor to put things right. Can’t you?


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  • The Fearmonger was the fifth monthly Doctor Who audio story produced by Big Finish Productions. This was the first full cast audio story featuring Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor and Sophie Aldred as Ace. It was also the first time the two actors had been back together playing these parts since 1989’s Survival.
  • Several references are made to The Doctor’s past involvement with UNIT. UNIT appears to have been particularly lax with The Doctor’s file of late – besides a well-connected source like Roderick Allingham having access to it, students Walter Jacobs and Stephen Keyser have also seen a copy.
  • It has been fifteen years since Ace left Perivale in 1987. (Survival)
  • Ace’s full name is given as Dorothy McShane, the surname given to her in Kate Orman’s Set Piece.
  • The Doctor again observes that at his age “There’s very little to be afraid of.” (The Five Doctors)

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