Cyberman Fear

Cyberman Fear
Cyberman Fear

Regular Cast

Sarah Mowat (Karen Brett / Supervisor), Mark McDonnell (Liam Barnaby), Nicholas Briggs (Cybermen / Cyber Planner), Ian Brooker (Gorian / Commander / Android Tech / Security), Barnaby Edwards (Paul Hunt / Android), Toby Longworth (Prime Reordin / PA Voice / Policeman / Government official), Samantha Sanns (Android / Nav Comp / Liam’s Comp / Refugee), Hannah Smith (Samantha Thorn)

There is a conspiracy at the heart of Earth’s Government.

TheOrion War situation is worsening by the day. The human race is sleepwalking towards extinction. Now the time is right for the next phase of the Cyber plan to begin.


Samantha Thorne, an android secret agent, has just returned home from a deep-cover assignment to Earth. Her lover, Prime Riordan, is relieved to see her safe after the difficulty they had getting herout without breaking her cover, however, when she downloads her report directly into his brain, she realises that he’s jealous of the year she spent as the loverof the human agent Paul Hunt. Nevertheless, her time with Hunt seems to have confirmed that the Scorpius project is no longer a threat — or so it seems until the androids receive a distress call from tracking station Beta-4, which is under attack by an Earth Forces raider that has somehow slipped past the front lines. Samantha and Riordan watch helplessly as Cybermen wipe out the crew of Beta-4, it seems that Samantha was wrong, and that Scorpius is an active concern. Even if the androids try to tell the human race what their leaders are doing, their warnings will be dismissed as propaganda, the only way to prove their claims is to have Scorpius exposed by an insider, and that means that Samantha is going to have to go undercover again. As his lover departs after an all-too-brief reunion, Riordan feels despair, if the humans are willing to convert themselves into Cybermen just to defeat the androids, then perhaps there’s no hope for any of them…



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  • Fear was the second release in the first series of Big Finish Productions’ Cyberman audio series
  • Prime Reordin is the commanderof the Android Horde.
  • Samantha Thorn, an undercover android agent, was the loverof Paul Hunt for more than a year.
  • Since her rise to power as President of Earth, Karen Brett has created a cult of personality around herself. Dozens of electronic billboards display her image.
  • Prime Reordin and Samantha discuss the first attempted Cyberman invasion of Earth during the 1970s. (The Invasion)

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