The Curse of Fatal Death VHS

Curse of Fatal Death VHSThe Curse of Fatal Death VHS


A parody of the original series. The Doctor agrees to meet his old foe The Master on the planet Tersurus. But when The Doctor arrives, assisted by the lovely Emma, The Master has prepared a series of hideous tortures for them. Horrible tortures. Evil, nasty and decidedly unpleasant tortures…

As The Doctor and the Master attempt to outwit one another a bizarre odyssey unfolds, featuring treacherous trapdoors, bottom burps, foul-smelling sewers and the infamous sofa of reasonable comfort. When The Daleks become involved, a series of mishaps trigger The Doctor’s regeneration cycle, leading to the biggest and most exciting adventure of his lives!

This special Doctor Who story was made for Comic Relief’s 1999 spectacular and features a host of famous stars in an affectionate take on one of BBC Television’s most popular programmes of all time. Also includes an exclusive to video behind-the-scenes documentary narrated by Harry Enfield, Doctor Who parodies from Victoria Wood – As Seen on TV and The Lenny Henry Show, and a never-seen-before French and Saunders sketch.

The Curse of Fatal Death was originally broadcast 12 March 1999. Victoria Wood – As Seen on TV was originally broadcast 18 December 1987 – The Lenny Henry Show originally broadcast 3 October 1985.

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