Survivors of the Flux






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British Army


Survivors of the Flux

Main TV Actor:

Robert Bathurst


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General Farquhar was an officer who built UNIT-UK.

Serving in the British Army, General Farquhar became an experienced and decorated officer. In 1957, he was given the job of setting up UNIT’s British division, a task in which he found himself “a little at sea” and not knowing where to start. Whilst shooting with Prentis, who claimed to have dealt with the extra-terrestrial, General Farquhar asked him to assist him by checking over his plans. Prentis agreed to.

General Farquhar spent the next ten years building the organisation, bringing in Corporal Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart following the attack of the War Machines (Survivors of the Flux) in July 1966. (The Faceless Ones) In 1967, The Doctor’s TARDIS was moved from Medderton to General Farquhar’s office and the village was converted for military training.

That year, General Farquhar met with Prentis at UNIT headquarters. He planned to show Prentis a device which “the b offins” had been working on which identified the extra-terrestrial, first demonstrating it on himself before using it on Prentis. When it identified him as an alien, Prentis killed him. (Survivors of the Flux) Some time later, UNIT was led by Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. (The Invasion)


Kate Stewart dug into the UNIT archives and discovered the many people associated with UNIT who quietly died by suffocating from the inside. She confronted Prentis with this information in 2017, wearing a psychic manifest shield to avoid dying as General Farquhar had. (Survivors of the Flux)


General Farquhar described himself as a “military man” and, as a result, setting up an organisation to combat alien threats was outside of his area. He claimed that he would have had second thoughts about the task if he had known that it would take ten years, but ultimately believed that UNIT was a greater service to the public than even the National Health Service.

Prentis called General Farquhar a fool and asked him how he expected to be able to protect humanity. (Survivors of the Flux)

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