Fariah Neguib

The Enemy of the World



Fariah Neguib



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The Enemy of the World

Main Actor:

Carmen Munroe


Fariah Neguib was Ramón Salamander’s food taster, working alongside Griffin. She worked for Salamander not by choice, but because she had to.

When Victoria Waterfield was working in Salamander’s kitchen in 2018, Fariah warned her about getting caught up in Salamander’s world. She held a strong dislike for Salamander and tried to help the Second Doctor defeat him by giving Astrid information that would expose him as blackmailing Fedorin.

Astrid brought Fariah to Giles Kent’s office and when Benik and his guards raided the office, Fariah, along with Kent and the Doctor were forced to escape through the air ducts. However, she got separated from the others and was shot by a guard just as the guard captain and Benik arrived. Benik tried to get information out of her, threatening to kill her, but Fariah told him she could only die once, and someone had beaten him to it. Fariah then died in the captain’s arms. (The Enemy of the World)


Fariah’s last name was not given in the television series. It is only given in the script and the novelisation.

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