Faction Paradox CDs

 Faction Paradox CDs

Faction Paradox are a shadowy group of characters most often described as a”time-travelling voodoo cult”. They were created by author Lawrence Miles and made their first appearance in the 8th Doctor novel Alien Bodies in 1997. Since then, their popularity has seen them reappear in several other books in The Doctor range, as well as inspiring several books of their own.

In addition, they made the jump to the audio medium – starting in 2001, a series of half-a-dozen Faction Paradox audio drama CDs were released by BBV, producers of the Audio Adventures series.

In 2004, when BBV wound down theiroverall production of audio dramas, the Faction Paradox baton was taken up by Magic Bullet (producers of the acclaimed Kaldor City CDs) who went on to release half a dozen new FP audio dramas – though the range has gone quiet recently, with no new releases since 2009.

The Eleven Day Empire
The Shadow Play
Sabbath Dei
In The Year of the Cat
A Labyrinth of Histories
Coming to Dust
The Ship of a Billion Years
Body Politic
Words From Nine Divinities
The Judgment of Sutekh

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Thanks to Liam Carey and Matthew Turner for their reviews

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