The Face of Evil

The Face of EvilThe Face of Evil


The TARDIS lands on a planet The Doctor doesn’t recognise – but its inhabitants seem to know him. They think he’s the Evil One and aren’t pleased to see him.

Two warring tribes occupy the planet: the savage Sevateem and the reclusive Tesh, separated from each other by a deadly energy field. When the Sevateem believe their God, Xoanon, to be a captive of the Tesh, they decide to break thriough the barrier and rescue him.

The Tesh, however, have other ideas.

Befriended by Leela, a Sevateem girl who dares to question the mighty Xoanon, The Doctor sets out to discover exactly what’s happening on this planet. Has he been here before? Is he responsible for the tribal wars? And can it possibly be that Xoanon, the mad God, is really The Doctor?

Originally transmitted 1st – 22nd January 1977.

Episode entry

  • The Face of Evil was the fourth episode of season 14 and the first to feature Leela
  • This story had the working titles The Tower of Imelo, The Tower of Xoanon (unconfirmed) and the Day God Went Mad. The latter was objected to by Philip Hinchcliffe, who felt that it might offend viewers with religious sensibilities.

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