The Evil of the Daleks

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The Evil of the Daleks


Pages 288
ISBN 0-426-20389-5
Publication Date 19 August 1993


“The Daleks tell me I’m going to do something for them – something I would rather die than do.”

Stranded in Victorian London, separated from his TARDIS and forced to cooperate with The Daleks, it seems that The Doctor’s luck has finally run out. The Daleks are searching for the elusive Human Factor, and want The Doctor to help them find it. With Victoria and Jamie held captive, The Doctor has no choice. An army of Daleks stands poised to conquer the universe. Will the Human Factor be their ultimate weapon?

This is a brand-new novelisation of a classic Dalek story, and is the first story to feature Victoria as a companion.



  • Prologue

  1. To Set A Trap
  2. The Old Curiosity Shop
  3. The Net Tightens
  4. Further Curiosities
  5. Curioser and Curioser
  6. Kennedy’s Assassination
  7. The Net Tightens
  8. The Better Mousetrap
  9. Portrait of Innocence
  10. The True Enemy
  11. The Kidnapping
  12. Recovery
  13. A Trial of Strength
  14. Frictedition
  15. Double Dealing
  16. The Test Begins
  17. A Test of Skills
  18. Friend And Foe
  19. Terall’s Agony
  20. The Traitor
  21. Fencing
  22. Pawn of the Daleks
  23. The Human Factor
  24. Awakening
  25. Dalek Superior
  26. Time Bomb
  27. Skaro
  28. Emergency!
  29. At Last!
  30. Waiting
  31. Transmutation
  32. The Dalek Doctor
  33. The End of the Daleks?

  • Epilogue


  • The novel opens up with a prologue detailing the events following on from The Daleks’ Master Plan, which took place over a thousand years prior to this story’s setting. Due to the First Doctor’s  interference and the failure of the Dalek force on Kembel to destroy Earth, numerous war forces were able to assemble to assault the main forces of the Dalek Empire in a series of wars over the course of the millennium, among them theThals, the Draconians and the Terran Federation. The Daleks‘ disastrous performances in”their Great War” led their computers to predict that they would be fought to extinction within 80 years if things did not improve.
  • According to the novel, the Emperor was at one point the Dalek Prime, marking its third appearance after The Chase and The Mutation of Time. It is the same Dalek who exterminated Davros in Genesis of the Daleks.
  • While all the Daleks on were silver, with black-domed variants acting as the Emperor’s guards, the novelisation describes the standard Daleks as grey, although this may be due to the serial being in black and white. The Emperor’s guards are also described as “almost entirely black”, despite the black-domed Dalek seen on the cover, to better fit with the term of “Black Daleks” used to describe them in the serial. Additionally, a Red Dalek takes command of the operations on Earth, acting as an emissary for the Supreme Council, making this the second time John Peel has inserted a Red Dalek into a novelisation, after The Mutation of Time.
  • Maxtible turns Kemel against Jamie by telling him Jamie wants to rape and kill Victoria.
  • The scene of the Doctorsabotaging the arch is extended.
  • Jamie, Victoria and Kemel smash the Dalek City water pumps, resulting in the fires getting out of control.
  • Perry is said to be in his mid-twenties, but on screen he is older.
  • Perry is also said to be an avid viewer of Z-Cars and No Hiding Place.
  • Kennedy thinks the Dalek is a alien from a daft BBC sci-fi TV series.

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